Our Products


BOL produces Medicated Drops with different ratios of cannabinoids, by state-of-the-art extraction and production technology, to meet a variety of medical needs and indications.

Formulations with enhanced stability and bioavailability Each bottle contains 10 ml / 30 ml.

BOL has two separated production lines:

Whole plant extract with a standardized dosage of CBD/THC

Isolated purified 99% cannabinoids fix combination (CBD/THC)


All our varieties form the basis for the development of products for clinical trials and their adaptation to specific medical indications.

BOL is committed to using the best growing techniques and the best practices for cultivation, harvest, cure, trim and packaging with a unique and proprietary combination of monitoring and control methods and climate-controlled storage facilities.

Based on proprietary patented strains designed to produce specific cannabinoids, plants are cultivated in controlled and automated greenhouses and monitored to ensure harvesting at the peak stage


Cannabinoid extracts allow the active ingredients to be absorbed by the skin to treat medical conditions, as well as enhance the quality of life and appearance.

All topical products undergo preclinical and clinical trials to establish their safety and efficacy.

Our water-soluble gel was developed to increase the permeability of the formulation to the epidermis layer.

Atopic Dermatitis: Protects and soothes sensitive skin and reduces inflammation

Psoriasis: Reduces flaking, inflammation

Neuropathic Pain: For managing neuropathic pain and pain reduction

Acne: Helps treat irritated skin associated with acne and scar healing