BOL is the only company in Israel which is accredited throughout all value chains, according to the new regulations that allow selling in pharmacies and for export. BOL Pharma ranks among the world’s largest medical cannabis GMP production, research and development facilities and clinical trials hubs.

Tons of cannabis production a year

Square feet of GACP cultivation facilites

Square feet of GMP production plant and labs

Phase || clinical trials

BOL Pharma has a wide range of expertise in the development and production of high quality, botanical cannabinoid APIs using proprietary technology and unique processes.


Low-cost structure production capabilities due to favorable climate conditions, regulation, low energy footprint and labor cost which leads to cost leadership in North America and Europe.
Producing a range of 99% pure cannabinoids: THC, CBD as well as CBN, CBG and CBC to supply commercial, clinical, and research entities.
Positioned as a world market leader in cannabinoid pharmaceutical drug development: Comprehensive  cannabinoid clinical trial portfolio of 32 phase 2 trials.
Unique patentable formulations paired with innovative drug delivery systems: Targeting specific indications enhances bioavailability, providing greater efficacy while reducing side effects.
PK studies in progress to launch new drug delivery platforms: Sublingual tablets, metered dose inhalers, dry powder inhalers and gel capsules.
Commercial production capacity of GMP pharma cannabinoid APIs: Enabling a breakthrough in the bottleneck of clinical trials held up by highly limited availability of API production capacity.
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