Medical cannabis and Flora

Medical Cannabis and Flora

BOL Pharma has been pioneering the medical Cannabis industry in Israel since 2008 and steadily increasing production capacity to meet the expanding global demand with the highest quality of medical cannabis flora.

Private Label Services

  • Bulk or packaged deliveries
  • Customized packaging
  • Custom production of customer-selected strains
  • Virtually unlimited production capacity
  • Wholesale prices

BOL Agro-Tech

  • Global GAP regulatory standards
  • Advanced precision agro-technology
  • Cutting edge greenhouse construction equipment and control systems
  • Industrial mass-production capacity


BOL Production

  • Sustainable production process
  • Proprietary variety of genetic strains
  • Consistent concentration active ingredients
  • Strict quality assurance protocols
  • Real-time testing and analytics
  • Free from heavy metals and microbiological contamination
  • Batch analysis certification

BOL Products

  • Tamper evident packaging
  • 5/10 gram pharma-grade compact packs
  • Super critical cGMP extraction
  • CBD enriched medical products
  • Guaranteed quality, safety, efficacy and consistency
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